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Authentic Organization is an organizational development consultancy operating across Europe, founded in 2017 by Gerard van der Molen and László Kövári. Our therapy expert, François Weber MD joined us in 2019.

We believe companies must become healthy, adaptive, creative organisms and not paralyzing bureaucracies.  

You'll find that in all the services we provide:

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We are guides, facilitators, co-thinkers, combining hard-core business experience with organizational development expertise, learning and development expertise and coaching expertise. We consult in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Czech and Hungarian.

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This is an open platform that welcomes contributors both from the business domains and from other areas. For a few guidelines to help you judge what you read here and/or what you’d like to publish, we kindly refer to our editorial guidelines.

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Please contact us to discuss what we can do for you. You can reach us at info@authenticorganization.com. We love to discuss your challenges and our solutions.

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Organizational Development across Europe.


Authentic Organization is an organizational development consultancy operating across Europe.
A french-Dutch physician. Involved to speak about health, different approaches in healthcare, philosophy of medicine, and related topics. Contributes with the aim of improving personal and social well-being within the work environment.
adviser | facilitator | mentor